Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, there will be no Plug-in versions


Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio have recently received a restyling. Some expected the introduction of new electrified engines which, however, did not arrive. Apparently, the future of these models will be; under the banner of electric and not hybrid. In particular, Plug-in versions will never arrive as they are not cost effective. This is serious; what Daniel Guzzafame, Alfa Romeo product manager, told Car Expert.


According to the manager, the problem would concern the Giorgio platform used for these two cars. This platform is not available. It was designed for hybrid use (there are only a couple of exceptions such as the Maserati Grecale Mild Hybrid) and adapting it to integrate an electric motor and battery (for a Plug-in system) would have required a significant expense< /strong>. Therefore, an unfeasible option for a brand that needs to become profitable again.

A solution which, however, would have made it possible to solve sales problems in some countries where there are related taxation systems to CO2 emissions.

In France, explained the manager, the 280 bhp Stelvio is the only one available. subjected to a taxation that most people are not. willing to pay. No PHEV solution, therefore. The Italian brand could have bet on the Mild Hybridbut Guzzafame explains that the reductions in CO2 emissions were not significant enough to justify the price increase that would have required the implementation of this technology.

For this reason, even with the restyling the previous engines remained. Given that the brand has confirmed that in 2024 there will be; the launch of the latest new internal combustion Alfa Romeo, Guzzafame said the next Giulia and Stelvio will “most likely” be electric.

Therefore, for these two models, the car manufacturer is already working on the development of electric motors. Looking at the future. No hybrid that would only have negative repercussions on cost levels but a direct leap towards a 100% electric powertrain. The new generations of Giulia and Stelvio will only arrive in several years. So, there will be way over time to better understand Alfa Romeo's plans for these models.

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