Volvo becomes a founding member of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition


Volvo aims to become an all-electric brand by 2030 and has always pressed on the automotive sector because it is the only electric brand. accelerate its transition to mobility; electric. Last July, the car manufacturer announced its intention to to leave ACEA, that is; the association that brings together the main European car manufacturers, due to a different position on the path to follow for the ecological transition.

At the time, the the manufacturer had made it known that he was in favor of joining a possible new organization, inviting the other brands to do the same. Now, the automaker has announced its membership as a founding member of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition, presented at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.


Accelerating to Zero Coalition is; made up of a broad group of stakeholders who are committed to facilitating the transition to more sustainable mobility. zero emissionsaccelerating its pace. This group builds on the Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emissions Vehicles released at last year's COP26, whose signatories pledged to work towards 100% emission-free car and van sales by 2040, and no later than 2035 in key markets.

The creation of the Accelerating to Zero Coalition addresses the need for an international platform to exercise global leadership in the field of zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) .

The goal is that of contributing, through close collaboration, to creating the right conditions to encourage the diffusion of zero-emission cars and vans, also through the electrification of company fleets and the development of a widespread charging infrastructure.< /p>

The Volvo CEO, speaking of this novelty, highlighted that technical engines are a technology of the past and that they must be abandoned if we want to fight climate change. Furthermore, the manufacturer has signed up, together with 200 other companies and organizations of the company, to the agreement. civil society, an appeal promoted by the We Mean Business Coalition to national governments so that increase their climate ambitions and achievements.

In addition to this, the brand has joined the Call on Carbon initiative to urge governments to introduce effective policies on carbon dioxide emission pricing, or carbon pricing.

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