NIO, its electrics can be purchased in Europe with the rental of the batteries


NIO when you are uploaded. officially presented in October on the European market, announcing its growth strategy for the Old Continent market, had told of the decision to offer its cars through the “NIO Subscription” formula. It is essentially a particular flexible rental formula. Less than two months later, the Chinese car manufacturer has decided to also offer its cars through the classic price list.

Therefore, customers in European countries where the manufacturer is present; down landed (Norway, Germany, Holland, Denmark and Sweden) will be able to purchase the new ET7, EL7 and ET5 modelsin a “traditional” way.


Let's look at the prices in Germany. The NIO ET5 starts at €49,900, the NIO ET7 at €69,900 and the NIO EL7 at €73,900. Attention, however, these prices do not include the battery. As we know, the brand bets on battery swap and therefore offers its cars with the rental accumulator. Formula that allows access to stations for the exchange of batteries.

  • NIO ET5 (without battery): from 49,900 euros
  • NIO ET7 (without battery): from 69,900 euros
  • NIO EL7 (without battery): from 73,900 euros

How much does the rental costof accumulators? Price depends on capacity. The manufacturer currently offers 75 kWh and 100 kWh batteries. In Germany, you will have to “ pay per month, respectively, 169 euros and 289 euros. The interesting thing, is; that with the rental, NIO allows you to switch from one type of battery to another. Very convenient aspect when, for example, you need to; need to have more autonomy.

  • 75 kWh battery rental: 169 euros per month
  • 100 kWh battery rental: 289 euros per month

There is a however, the possibility; to be able to buy the battery. However, by choosing this option, you will not have the option. access to battery swap stations. Therefore, NIO's electric cars will be used in the "classical" with batteries that can only be recharged and not replaced. How much does the purchase of accumulators cost? In fact, there is much talk of 12,000 euros for the 75 kWh battery and a good 21,000 euros for the 100 kWh one.

By choosing this formula, the NIO ET5 starts at 61,900 euros, the NIO ET7 at 81,900 euros and the NIO EL7 at 85,900 euros.

  • NIO ET5 (with 75 kWh battery): from 61,900 euros< /li>
  • NIO ET7 (with 75 kWh battery): from 81,900 euros
  • NIO EL7 (with 75 kWh battery): from 85,900 euros
  • NIO ET5 (with 100 kWh battery): from 70,900 euros
  • NIO ET7 (with 100 kWh battery): from 90,900 euros
  • NIO EL7 (with 100 kWh battery): from 94,900 euros< /li>


The battery rental purchase option is not available. certainly a novelty; in Europe. In the past, Renault also offered it for its Zoe. NIO focuses on battery swap to push this formula. The expansion plans of this network of battery exchange stations in the Old Continent are ambitious. We know that the brand has also opened a factory in Hungary to produce its infrastructure.

Currently, there are still very few active stations in the Old Continent. The last one is been opened in these days in Sweden and in December it will arrive; the first of the Netherlands. If indeed NIO is going to succeed? As this infrastructure grows rapidly also in Europe, the purchase with rental of the battery could be an increasingly popular option. interesting.

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