Mini Aceman continues the development of the electric crossover. New spy photos


MINI is continuing to work on the development of the new Aceman, an electric crossover that is the latest generation of vehicles. been anticipated by a concept unveiled at the end of July. A forklift of this new model is; has now been intercepted during a classic test session on the streets of Munich, in Germany. The car has a large camouflage but it is however, it is possible to observe some things.


The dimensions appear smaller than those of the MINI Countryman. Rumors speak of measures similar to those of the MINI Clubman that the new electric Aceman would replace. The concept measured 4.09 meters in length. Therefore, it is It is possible that the production model could have a length between 4.1 and 4.2 meters. We remind you that the manufacturer is also working on the new generation of the Countryman which will grow throughout the year. in size compared to the current model.

The new electric Aceman will rest on the ground. on a developed platformby the BMW Group and the Chinese Great Wall. Being a dedicated platform for electric cars, it will allow the to offer plenty of space inside the cabin. Returning to the spy photos, we can see some similarities of the front with that of the concept car, starting from the shapes of the headlights. On the other hand, the classic Union Jack design of the headlights can be glimpsed behind.

Unfortunately, the spy photos do not allow us to take a look at the interior of the car. The concept featured a minimalist cabin. Design choice that we will probably see again in the standard model as well. On the powertrain there is no precise information. MINI, presenting the concept, had not said anything about it. Therefore, it will be necessary to wait for new information on the development of this car. Information that will certainly not be missing given that the debut is being held. expected for 2024.

We remind you that this model will be; very important for MINI which aims to become an electric-only brand from 2030.

[ spy photo]

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