Call of Duty Warzone 2: 25 million players defy scathing reviews


Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 had more than 25 million players in just five days, as publisher Activision is happy to announce. In the reviews of the new first-person shooter, for example on Steam, the mood is very different: just under a third of the players rated Warzone 2.0 positively.

25 million players are playing “mostly negative” game

It's the Activision Blizzard story of the year 2022: A new game starts successfully and yet with scathing criticism. After Diablo Immortal, which became a blockbuster with gacha mechanics and pay-to-win, and Overwatch 2, which frustrated players and even made them long for loot boxes, but still attracted 35 million players, the second round of the battle royale follows spin-off of Call of Duty. And while Overwatch 2 needed around ten days to attract 25 million players, Warzone 2.0, which is also free to play, reached the mark in half that time, as the publisher announces via the game series' Twitter account.

On Steam, on the other hand, the 10,000 review mark is likely to be cracked soon – and only 34 percent of them have been positive so far, what Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 gives the rating “largely negative”. Already Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II had to struggle with mixed reviews; However, around half of the players rated the fee-based shooter positively.

Have you already played Call of Duty Warzone 2.0?

  • Yes, and I've also spent money on in-game content.
  • Yes, but I haven't invested any money yet.
  • No, but I plan to do that.
  • No, I've never played Warzone and I'll keep it that way.
  • No – even though I used to like playing Warzone.
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The reasons for Warzone 2.0's significantly poorer performance are manifold. Above all, however, angry players point to technical problems, ranging from crashes and stutters due to poor optimization to unworkable updates and overloaded servers. Some didn't even come into play: a bug ensured that only Modern Warfare II buyers were granted access to Warzone 2.0. In any case, the first-person shooter feels unfinished overall: the balancing is terrible, the user interface is not well thought out and the weapons are not liked either. There is often talk of a step backwards compared to Warzone 1; Warzone 2 players should keep their hands off, reviews warn.

How do you like Call of Duty Warzone 2.0?

  • I like it very much; this might be the best shooter i've ever played!
  • I like it, but there have been better shooters.
  • I don't like it that much, but I still enjoy playing it from time to time.
  • I don't like it at all, I've stopped playing.
  • For me, Warzone II is the worst shooter I've ever played.
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Criticism of Activision Blizzard is trendy

It is true that Activision Blizzard is subject to severe criticism now considered normal. It's been four years since Diablo Immortal was announced as a mobile game at BlizzCon 2018; The result was boos and ridicule. A year later, the controversy surrounding a Hearthstone esports player made negative headlines as part of the Hong Kong protests. Several sexism and harassment scandals and a wave of resignations followed. In late 2021, employees were pressured not to join unions. The fact that there were a lot of disappointing new products and postponements was almost forgotten when, in May 2022, a bizarre diversity ranking finally made negative headlines.