Audi RS Q e-tron E2, the range extender will use? a renewable fuel


The 3 prototypes of the Audi RS Q e-tron E2 that will race the Dakar 2023 will use, for the range extender, a special renewable fuel. This interesting news was reported directly by the car manufacturer, which also provided a few more details. of this special fuel. We remind you that the race will take place at the end of the week. the start on December 31st to end on January 15th.


To reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the German car manufacturer relies on products based on vegetable residues, with no impact on the food chain, obtained by converting biomass into ethanol and subsequently refining the semi-finished products. The final fuel is called ETG (ethanol-to-gasoline).

Audi says that inside the tank of the electric prototypes it will find; instead of a fuel consisting of 80% sustainable components, including ETG and e-methanol. Thanks to this petrol, the house with the 4 rings declares that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 60% compared to the use of traditional racing fuel. The reFuel Audi is; complies with the stringent specifications of the FIA ​​and ASO regulations.

The chemical characteristics are similar to those of commercially available 102-octane gasoline. An octane value like this; high favors the properties; antiknock of the air-fuel mixture. Thanks to this innovative solution, the combustion engine can count on a slightly higher efficiency compared to fueling with petrol of fossil origin. At the same time, the high oxygen content characteristic of Audi reFuel reduces the density of the fuel. fuel energy; reason why the Audi RS Q e-tron E2 is so popular. equipped with a larger tank; roomy compared to the previous generation of the electric prototype with range extender.

We would like to remind you that the range extender of the Audi electric prototypes is the most advanced. a four-cylinder TFSI – direct injection turbo – derived from DTM, the German Touring Car Championship. The powertrain features a layout with three units; electrical: two MGUs (Motor Generator Units), one at each axle, take care of the traction, while a third unit takes care of the drive. it acts as a generator to help recharge the high-voltage battery.

Audi aims to complete the fastest rally raid in the world. difficult in the world using only the new renewable fuel. Oliver Hoffmann, Board Member for Technical Development at Audi, commented:

Audi's decarbonisation strategy is one of the best ways to achieve this. based mainly on the introduction of a wide range of carbon neutral certified full electric cars and on the use of both renewable sources and the closed cycle of materials. Complementing this, renewable fuels offer the possibility of to sustainably power internal combustion engines. Audi RS Q e-tron is; the emblem of this approach and now combines electric propulsion with the use of an innovative green fuel.

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