App update: Homematic IP integrates Philips Hue into the smart home system


Homematic IP from eQ-3 integrates the smart lamps and lights from Philips Hue into the installations of your own smart home system via an app update. The Homematic IP app version 2.14.0 (iOS) or 2.14.6 (Android) is required to integrate Philips Hue into Homematic IP and control it via the app.

Limitation to 5 Hue lamps or lights

In addition to the previously offered option of making the lighting smart with networked buttons and actuators via Homematic IP and controlling it through automation, the connection to presence and motion detectors or via smartphone, after the update users can connect up to five Hue lamps or Include lights in an existing Homematic IP Smart Home. It is not immediately apparent why only five Hue lamps can be integrated and immediately after the announcement caused criticism, to which the eQ-3 responded with the answer that the feedback from the users and the way of use were analyzed and based on that they won Findings will check the further development and a possible expansion of the range of functions.

Hue Bridge necessary for communication

However, a Philips Hue Bridge is a prerequisite for integration, since Homematic IP itself does not have an integrated Zigbee hub and therefore does not support the wireless protocol. In addition, users must have the Philips Hue app installed on their smartphone with an active user account and activate “Control on the move” in the account settings. Once this is done, the systems can be coupled in the “Voice control and additional services” menu of the Homematic IP app and existing Hue lamps can be added to Homematic IP.

Integration like Homematic IP devices

Once the integration is complete, the Hue lamps in the app behave like Homematic IP devices. They can be added to groups, controlled via automations and connected to other smart home elements such as buttons or switches. The app can also be used to set the brightness and color of the Hue lights, provided they support this. The user can save up to twelve configurations as favorites in order to be able to set the configured light settings quickly at any time.

The latest update also includes the Homematic IP app a small optical facelift with new background motifs and new room icons.

The update for the free Homematic IP app is now being rolled out gradually for both Android and iOS. It should have been distributed to all users within a few days.