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ANIASA, long-term rental: do Italians like it more and more?


Long-term car rental is becoming more and more popular; in Italy and is becoming an important tool to support the spread of electric cars in our country. Thanks to the restart of incentives for the rental world, albeit with a lower contribution than that offered to private individuals, this sector is recording a strong recovery in orders of electric and plug-in hybrid cars, higher than 30% compared to the same period last year.

This is a great increase. what was told by ANIASA, the association that represents the mobility services sector within Confindustria.


Entering as soon as possible; specifically, according to the report, the number of individuals who are choosing to rent, giving up the classic car purchase, is increasing. In the first months of the year they reached 170,000(divided between 95,000 with only a tax code and 75,000 also with a VAT number). ANIASA says that this is an ever-growing trend that is registering a further boost thanks to the Government's decision to extend the incentives also for the rental of electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

From January to October, these engines made up 35% of the power supplies chosen by the rental channel.

Why? Italians are choosing more and more; the long-term car rental formula? ANIASA says that the first reason it is of an economic nature (15% savings compared to ownership according to various estimates), in addition to the certainty of the monthly cost which cancels the risks of extra expenses connected to the vehicle, the saving of time linked to the “car bureaucracy” ; and second-hand sales.

The phenomenon has seen an impetuous growth in recent years: + 260% compared to 2020, when there were 65,000 private contractors who used the rental and the trend is; destined to continue in the coming months/years.

The 170,000 rental contracts with private individuals are now added to the remaining part of the now consolidated clientele: 85,000 companies, 2,900 public administrations and over 71,000 VAT numbers (craftsmen and professionals). The contribution of private subjects, with and without a VAT number, today reaches 15% of the total fleet of 1.1 million long-term rental vehicles circulating on the national territory, while in terms of turnover it represents around 25 % of the total. Alberto Viano, President of ANIASA, commented on this growth in long-term rental:

The penetration of long-term rental among private individuals represents one of the mega trends of mobility in the world. internationally, with the gradual transition from ownership to to the use of the car. Today a boost to the choice of this formula also comes from the advent of the electric. The rental allows you to embrace this power, being relieved of the uncertainties relating to the technological transition, the maintenance of the vehicle and finally its resale, through a more comprehensive approach. sustainable monthly fee that avoids investing large sums (not accessible to everyone) at the time of purchase. The rental constitutes the most useful instrument; direct and economically sustainable for the ecological transition of our fleet.

A new boost to growth is coming from the incentives allocated by the Government also for individuals who choose to rent cars with low environmental impact. To further accelerate the diffusion of these foods, we ask the Government to bring the current amount of incentives from 50% to 100%, rebalancing the situation with respect to the ownership of the food. and leasing.

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