Amazon introduces micromobility hubs? in Milan, Naples, Genoa and Bologna


Amazon has been working for some time to make it more user-friendly. sustainable its activities; of logistics. Let's think, for example, of the project to make its fleet of vans 100% electric thanks to the collaboration of manufacturers such as Rivian. The ultimate goal is the goal of achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2040, a commitment that is a major commitment. been hired under the Climate Pledge. As part of this project, Amazon has introduced in 20 cities & European micromobility hubsto make last mile deliveries easier. sustainable.

Hubs which have now also been launched in Milan, Naples, Genoa and Bologna. The American giant intends to double the number of cities in the United States. involved by the end of 2025, as part of a €1 billion investment to electrify its European transport network over the next 5 years.


These micromobility hubs are now available as micromobility hubs. they are small warehouses located in central locations. They are meant for big cities and towns. and enable the use of new delivery methods, such as electric three-wheeled cargo scooters, cargo bikes and foot deliveries, to get packages to customers more easily. sustainable. In this way it is It is possible to avoid the use of vans, relieving traffic congestion in urban centers and improving the quality of travel. of the air.

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Amazon 23 Nov

In Milan, over 25% of parcels in Area C are delivered by Amazon Logistics delivery service providers with zero-emission electric cargo scooters thanks to the Rogoredo hub, and the share will continue to grow. to grow in 2023. In Naples, 60% of parcels in the restricted traffic area are delivered by electric cargo scooters. The micromobility hub of the city of Genoa allows Amazon Logistics delivery service providers to deliver 100% of parcels with electric cargo scooters in the restricted traffic area.

The Bologna hub, on the other hand, will allow the to deliver 100% of parcels in the restricted traffic area of ​​the city by 2023; using electric three-wheeled cargo scooters instead of traditional vans. Gabriele Sigismondi, Country Director, Amazon Logistics Italia, commented:

Transportation is a key component of Amazon's strategy to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2040 , a commitment we have made with the Climate Pledge. These micromobility hubs – They help increase the efficiency of our existing facilities and our suppliers’ transforming the way we deliver to customers in high-density areas.

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