Virtualization: VMware Workstation 17 Pro and Player 17 presented


VMware has introduced new virtualization software. The VMware Workstation 17 Pro and the VMware Player 17 support Windows 11 and various new distributions based on the free Linux operating system kernel. In addition, both solutions offer an extended feature set with vTPM, autostart and support for OpenGL 4.3.

VMware presents new workstation and new player

VMware, led by Dell founder Michael Dell, has unveiled its new virtualization solutions, VMware Workstation 17 Pro and the free and non-commercial VMware Player 17 , which are characterized in particular by an extended feature set.

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VMware Workstation 17 Pro and Player 17 (Image: WMware)

The VMware Workstation 17 Pro and VMware Player 17 offer the following new features compared to its predecessor:

VMware Workstation 17 Pro and Player 17 Highlights

  • Windows 11
    • Support for Windows 11 host system and Windows 11 guest systems with TPM and vTPM.
  • Fast encryption
    • Besides full encryption, both solutions now offer “Fast Encryption” to provide the maximum performance for virtual machines with vTPM.
  • Encryption for Workstation Player
    • To provide a Windows 11 supported TPM, VM encryption capabilities have been extended to Workstation Player to create Windows 11 virtual machines.
The workstation can generate the encryption password and also (Picture: VMware)
  • OpenGL 4.3
    • On Linux and Windows virtual machines, VMware Workstation now supports graphics rendering via OpenGL 4.3.

In addition, VMware Workstation supports 17 Pro and VMware Player 17, alongside Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022, several additional Linux distributions, such as the new editions of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Red Hat as well as FreeBSD.

New operating systems

  • Windows 11
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Ubuntu 22.10, 22.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS
  • Fedora Workstation 37 and 36
  • FreeBSD 13 and 12
  • Debian 11 and 12
  • RHEL 9

Download on ComputerBase

VMware Player 17 can be used as an alternative to the also linked Oracle VM VirtualBox 7.0 directly below it Message can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area.

VMware Workstation 17 Pro is available as a test version for Windows and Linux for download directly from the manufacturer.

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