The Government reduces the cut on excise duties. Will a full tank of fuel cost? more


From December 1st, a full tank of fuel will cost €100. more. The Council of Ministers, together with the approval of the new Budget Law, approved a “decree-law which introduces urgent measures on excise duties and VAT on fuels and to support the territorial bodies and the territories of the Marche affected by exceptional weather events”.

The Government therefore intends to reduce the discount on excise duties that the previous Government had decided to introduce to limit increases in fuel prices. On the basis of the text of the draft brought to the Council of Ministers, for petrol and diesel the approval will be passed. from a reduction in excise duties of 25 cents plus VAT (the “famous” 30 cents or more precisely 30.5 cents reduction) at 15 cents plus; VAT equal to 18.3 cents. For LPG, on the other hand, the rate goes from 8.5 cents + VAT to 5.1 cents + VAT.

The new cut in excise duties will be; valid at least until December 31st. It will be up to then it is up to the Government to decide whether to extend this measure again or completely eliminate the cut in excise duties. This is news that certainly will not please the public. to motorists. However, we knew that the excise cut was a temporary measure and not a definitive one. So, it would have come to an end.

The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the President Giorgia Meloni and the Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti, approved a decree-law which introduces urgent measures regarding excise duties and VAT on fuels and support for territorial entities and territories delle Marche affected by exceptional weather events. The text reformulates the preferential excise rates and confirms the suspension, until November 30, 2022, of the application of the excise rate on the so-called “commercial diesel”.


From December 1, 2022, therefore, there will be a number of students. an increase of 10 cents plus; VAT on the price of petrol and diesel. How much does a full tank cost today? According to the latest data from Quotidiano Energia, the average national price of petrolin mode self is; equal to 1.705 euros per litre, with the various brands ranging between 1.692 and 1.707 euros per liter (no logo 1.707 euros per litre).

On the other hand, as regards diesel in diesel mode; self, the average price charged is; of 1.813 euros per litre, with companies between 1.794 and 1.837 euros per liter (no logo 1.808 euros per litre). Coming to the mode; served, the average price of petrol reaches 1.852 euros per litre, with colored systems charging prices between 1.784 and 1.907 euros per liter (no logo 1.762 euros per litre). The cost of the diesel served, on the other hand, is of 1.957 euros per litre, with the companies' points of sale charging average prices between 1.885 and 2.012 euros per liter (no logo 1.861).

The prices of LPG are positioned between 0.772 and 0.785 euros per liter (no logo 0.758 euros). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2.041 and 2.423 euros (no logo 2.118 euros).

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