Orban's scarf makes Ukraine see red


Published 22 November 2022 at 17.13

Foreign. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wore a scarf with the Greater Hungary motif. Now Ukraine has summoned Hungary's ambassador to get an apology.

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It was in connection with a soccer match last Sunday that Viktor Orban was seen wearing the controversial garment.

On the scarf was a flag of Hungary as the country looked 100 years ago. At that time, parts of today's Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia were also included in the country.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now summoned Hungary's ambassador to present a formal protest.

– Hungary's advocacy of revisionist ideas does not contribute to the development of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations and does not correspond to the principles of European politics, says Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko.

Even Romanian politicians have reacted negatively to Viktor Orban's choice of scarf .