Nissan, the new strategy for a future that will be? more and more electrified


During the Nissan e-day, an event organized in recent days by the Japanese manufacturer at Lido di Ostia, it was ; the brand strategy for a future that will be; more and more electrified. At this event attended by HDMotori, the automaker brought its electrified crossovers Nissan Juke Hybrid, Qashqai e-POWER, X-Trail e-POWER as well as the 100% electric Ariya and Townstar EV models.


During the press conference held by the ;Managing Director of Nissan Italia Marco Torothe main pillars of the brand's strategy were illustrated: Japanese DNA, electrification, corporate responsibility; and benefits for customers.

For Nissan, being Japanese also means attention and care for the customer, principles that inspired the Nissan Promise, an assistance services program which has been in existence for 6 years and which includes, among other things, a free courtesy car, for any type of intervention and also outside the warranty period and free 24-hour roadside assistance and 365 days a year, even outside the warranty period.

Furthermore, Nissan's Japanese DNA can be found in the design of its crossovers, which “stand out for their modern, essential and elegant lines, which convey a sense of strength and dynamism”. All models have Nissan's signature V Motion styling on the front. A touch of Japan also for the interior design which, says Nissan, are elegant, functional and with high quality; of materials and finishes.

Another pillar of the Nissan strategy is the electrification. We remind you that in addition to pure electric, the Japanese manufacturer offers the new e-Power systemwhich recently made its debut in the European range and which features an electric motor, the only one that moves the wheels of the car, and a thermal engine that does nothing but feed the battery without ever contributing to traction.

As for the liability society, as part of the Ambition 2030 plan, Nissan intends to work for a more inclusive world. sustainable, safe and inclusive. For this, 16 billion euros will be invested and 23 new electrified models will be launched, 15 of which are 100% electric. The Japanese builder will work on the project. then on the development and production of solid-state technology for batteries.

Responsibility social also means safety for the driver, passengers and other road users. For this reason, Nissan adopts advanced safety technologies across its rangeand keep developing new ones. By 2030 it will be ground truth perception technology available on all nissan models which integrates information from LIDAR, radar and new generation cameras in real time, processes them to read the surrounding environment and, if necessary, automatically activates the car's steering and brakes to avoid a possible collision.

The safety of Nissan models is highly rated. It has also been recognized by Euro NCAP which awarded the 5-star rating to the new Nissan Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail and Ariya.

Finally, Nissan's strategy is also based on the ability to drive and drive. to generate benefits for customers, through a wide range of products, technologies and services designed with the customer at the centre.


At the Nissan e-day event, the Japanese manufacturer gave the opportunity to to be able to touch and drive its electrified range again for a few km, starting with the new Ariya that we already have; had the opportunity to test, up to the new Qashqai that Luigi already has; could test. Also present is the new generation of the X-Trail with the e-Power system that we already have; tested. Very short test drives on the streets of Lido di Ostia, to be able to appreciate the various technologies again and, in particular, the new e-Power system and the 100% electric motorization of the Ariya.

A range that globally aims on crossover models that are increasingly; requested by customers with proposals ranging from segment B to segment D.

Among the models available is the small Nissan Townstar EV electric van equipped with a 122 HP (90 kW) engine with 245 Nm of torque. All powered by a 45 kWh battery capable of allowing a distance that, according to the WLTP cycle, reaches up to 300 km.

Medium which has a 3.9 cubic meter rear compartment which can be stowed away. accommodate up to two Europallets and 800 kg in weight. The ability to towing capacity reaches 1,500 kg. An interesting vehicle that should in any case be tested calmly, designed primarily for outdoor activities. in the urban area. Thanks to its 100% electric motorization it is; also able to access those areas of the cities and towns. where endothermic vehicles cannot enter.



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