NIO brings battery swap to Sweden


NIO's goal is to promote the success of the industry. that of installing and making 4,000 battery swap stations operational by 2025, 1,000 of which, however, outside China (mainly in Europe). The Chinese automaker is starting to install its battery swap stations in the Old Continent as well. The brand is started with the first installations in Norway and then moved on to Germany.

Now, the Chinese manufacturer has announced that it has installed the first battery swap station in Swedenas part of its expansion plan in the Old Continent. The inauguration took place held a few days ago. According to what was said, the station was was installed in Varberg, along the E6 highway between Göteborg and Malmö. The inauguration comes at the same time as the deliveries of the first electric cars from NIO to customers in this country.

Obviously, more battery swap stations will arrive in Sweden in the future.


NIO has, however, already completed the project. anticipated the next European country where it will go; to install its battery swap stations. December 1st is the day. expected the inauguration of the first station in the Netherlands.

In short, the Chinese manufacturer seems to be accelerating the creation of a battery exchange network in the Old Continent. Not an easy job to carry on. To support this strategy, we remind you that NIO has decided to build a factory in Hungary within which to produce the battery swap stations to be installed in the countries of the Old Continent.

This network of stations will allow ; to NIO to be able to carry on its expansion strategy in the Old Continent. The battery swap is used by the manufacturer to separate the cost of the batteries to make it more efficient. accessible electric vehicles. Customers, in fact, will be able to buy the car at a lower price. low even if it will then be low. it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription for the rental of the accumulator and access to the battery swap service.

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