Married couple suspected of espionage


Published 22 November 2022 at 12.30

Domestic. The security police carried out a dawn raid in the Stockholm area early this morning and arrested a man and a woman suspected of espionage. Both were arrested in their absence.

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One of the arrested, the man, is suspected of gross illegal intelligence activities against Sweden and gross illegal intelligence activities against a foreign power. His wife is suspected of aiding and abetting.

Both are in their 60s and “outwardly live a well-ordered life in the Stockholm area”, writes Aftonbladet.

– In this operation, there was a need of being able to quickly arrest the suspects, says Fredrik Hultgren Friberg, press spokesperson at Säpo, to the newspaper.

In connection with the operation, house searches have been carried out and another person has been taken in for questioning.

p>The case has no connection to any other ongoing case that the Security Police has, according to the authority.

The operation was carried out with the assistance of the Police Authority and the Armed Forces.

The Security Police is conducting the preliminary investigation under the direction of prosecutors at the National Unit for security purposes.