Internal anger towards C-top who does not want to go to the front of the Pride train


Published 22 November 2022 at 14.18

Domestic. Centre party member Daniel Bäckström, top candidate for party leader, did not want to answer directly if he would like to marry gay couples or walk at the front of the Pride parade. Now he receives harsh criticism from party colleagues.
– Damn bad, says a source within the party to Sveriges Radio.

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The three main candidates for the position of Center Party chairman – Daniel Bäckström, Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist and Muharrem Demirok – are out on a tour to be questioned by the party's members.

On Monday evening, they were in Piteå, where the Center women asked the following question: “Would you go to the front of the Pride parade as previous party leaders did and will you marry same-sex couples?”

Daniel Bäckström answered that he does not have the right to marry. Then he was asked how he would approach marrying homosexuals if he had it.

– Then I will probably have to think about the question. And I will have a dialogue with the Center Board about how we should participate in the Pride train. I think it is very important to show commitment to these issues, said Daniel Bäckström.

The other candidates clearly answered yes to the questions, and Bäckström's hesitation has sparked internal anger.

Youth association chairman Réka Tolnai tells Sveriges Radio that LGBTQ is an important issue:

– And therefore I also regret that Daniel answered the way he did and we at CUF expect an in-depth explanation from him.< /p>

Center party member Gustav Tällberg tells Aftonbladet that he was “shocked” that Bäckström could not answer the question.