Garmin: Q4 update brings new functions for the smartwatches


Garmin is releasing a new feature update for its own fitness and outdoor smartwatches and GPS bike computers. The list of devices that will receive the update and new features is long and wide.

Alongside the Fēnix 7 series, the Epix (Gen 2) , Tactix 7, Enduro 2, MARQ (Gen 2), Forerunner 255 series, Forerunner 945 LTE (coming soon) and Forerunner 955 series the update. In addition, the Edge 1040 bike computer and the Edge Explore 2 series will also receive an update in the near future.

The new functions of Garmin smartwatches:

  • Running power on the wrist: Running performance is now determined directly and in real time on the watch on the wrist without additional accessories.
  • Morning Report: The Morning Report provides daily training suggestions, information about the sleep of the last night and the HRV status and – when paired with a smartphone – the weather. The report can be customized by the user.
  • Pace adapted to slope: The pace value calculates a comparable pace on a flat route based on the current slope in order to be able to better assess your own load.
  • NextFork map hints: Display the next junction with distance information and trail -Name on map page for better reference.
  • Automatic pause timer: An automatic pause timer tracks time spent in motion or at refresh stations during ultra runs, so time is not manually paused got to. When the activity is finished, both the pause time and the time in motion can be analyzed.
  • Splitboard app: In the pre-installed splitboard app, you can – like the ski touring app – choose between ascent and descent and display the specific metrics for the respective mode. Snowboarders can also keep an eye on their tours. This update will also be offered for the first generation MARQ and the Fēnix 6 series.
  • Disc golf: With this activity profile it is possible to record disc golf activities. With the UDisc Connect IQ app, it is possible to track the score and keep an eye on the distance to the basket on over 14,000 disc golf courses.

The update for the GPS bike computers Edge 1040 and Edge Explore 2 series includes:

  • Competition calendar: In the overview of the Edge 1040 series you can display a competition calendar. With Garmin Connect, the calendar can be maintained and events can be added or deleted. If an event is set as the primary competition, the cycle computer provides customized training suggestions.
  • Live event sharing: With live event sharing, text messages with information about the activity are automatically sent to friends and family. The function, previously known from wearables, is only available on Android phones.
  • Spectator Messages: If you want to get cheered on by family and friends, you can receive text and voice messages on the Edge using the LiveTrack feature.
  • Busy Road Avoidance: This feature allows roads with increased traffic can be avoided. Alternatively, you can view busy roads to avoid them.
  • Tide and marine apps: With the new tide overview, high and low tides are displayed. The new sailing, regatta and anchor apps, on the other hand, should help when you're out on the water by boat.
Garmin Edge 1040 (Image: Garmin)

The Free software updates will be available on compatible devices starting immediately, with more updates to come. The smartwatches or cycling computers can be updated by activating automatic updates on the device or by using the Garmin Express software.