For the middle class: B760 mainboards and new processors from Intel at CES


Intel will probably use CES 2023 as a stage to present new mainboards and processors for the current desktop platform. According to an insider, the mainboards with the B760 chipset will be released on January 3rd. In addition, the introduction of further processors of the new Core i 13000 series is expected at the same time.

The IT Home website reports that Intel will launch the new mainstream motherboards with the B760 chipset on January 3, 2023 at the CES electronics trade fair in Las Vegas. With fewer features, these will be a cheaper alternative to the recently introduced Z790 models.

The LGA 1700 socket also accommodates the Core i9-13900K, i7-13700K and i5-13600K (test) Raptor Lake processors introduced last month. At the same time as the B760 mainboards, other CPU variants of the 13th core generation are to follow. VideoCardz reports 16 new models that do not belong to the K series with a free multiplier and have a lower TDP. The presentation of the numerous mainstream models of the predecessor also took place at CES.

VideoCardz has summarized the presumed models and their unconfirmed key data in a table. For the new spearhead in the form of the Core i9-13900KS with 6 GHz Boost, there is no more precise date than the assumed first quarter of 2023.

Model Architecture Cores/Threads Base Clock Boost L3 Cache iGPU TDP Core i9-13900KS* Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T TBC 6.0 GHz 36 MB UHD 770 TBC Core i9-13900KF Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 3.0 GHz 5.8GHz 36MB N/A 125W Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 3.0GHz 5.8GHz 36MB UHD 770 125W Core i9-13900F* Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 2.0GHz TBC 36MB N/A 65W Core i9-13900* Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 2.0GHz TBC 36MB UHD 770 65W Core i9-13900T* Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 1.1GHz TBC 36MB UHD 770 35W Core i7-13700KF Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E/24T 3.4GHz 5.4GHz 30MB N/A 125W Core i7-13700K Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E/24T 3.4GHz 5.4GHz 30MB UHD 770 125W Core i7-13700F* Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E/24T 2.1GHz TBC 30MB N/A 65W Core i7-13700* Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E /24T 2.1GHz TBC 30MB UHD 770 65W Core i7-13700T* Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E/24T 1.4GHz TBC 30MB UHD 770 35W Core i5-13600KF Raptor Lake B0 6P+8E/20T 3 .5GHz 5.1GHz 24MB N/A 125W Core i5-13600K Raptor Lake B0 6P+8E/20T 3.5GHz 5.1GHz 24MB UHD 770 125W Core i5-13600* Alder Lake C0 6P+8E/20T 2.7GHz TBC 24MB UHD 770 65W Core i5-13600T* Alder Lake C0 6P+8E/20T 1.8GHz TBC 24MB UHD 770 35W Core i5-13500* Alder Lake C0 6P+8E/20T 2.5GHz TBC 24MB UHD 770 65W Core i5-13500T* Alder Lake C0 6P+8E/20T 1.6GHz TBC 24MB UHD 770 35W Core i5-13400F* Raptor B0/Alder C0 6P+4E/16T 2.5GHz 4.6GHz 20MB N/A 65W Core i5-13400* Raptor B0/Alder C0 6P+4E/16T 2.5GHz 4th .6GHz 20MB UHD 770 65W Core i5-13400T* Alder Lake C0 6P+4E/16T 1.3GHz TBC 20MB UHD 770 35W Core i3-13100F* Alder Lake H0 4P+0E/8T 3.4GHz TBC 12MB N/A 58W Core i3-13100* Alder Lake H0 4P+0E/8T 3.4GHz TBC 12MB UHD 770 60W Core i3-13100T* Alder Lake H0 4P+0E/8T 2.5GHz TBC 12 MB UHD 770 35 W *Data not confirmed, source: VideoCardz

New chips for notebooks

It is also rumored that AMD, Intel and Nvidia will launch new products (CPUs and GPU s) for notebooks.