Autostrade per l'Italia, Eni and CDP: agreement on electricity, hydrogen and biofuels


Sustainability is an important part of the project. of transport is; the main objective of the agreement between Autostrade per l'Italia, Eni and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP). We will therefore work to carry forward a series of initiatives that will allow us to decarbonize the Italian motorway network.

The agreement includes the development of new energy vectors for both heavy vehicles and cars, starting with biofuels from sustainable raw materials that do not compete with the food chain, hydrogen, biomethane and charging points for electric cars. The agreement also provides for the construction of renewable energy production plants through the installation of photovoltaic parks in the areas of Autostrade per l'Italia or in the vicinity of the motorway. of the motorway network, also through dedicated corporate vehicles.


By entering more; in detail, it is reported that the refueling areas will host an increasing number of columns for recharging electric cars. In addition, “new decarbonised carriers” will find their place starting with Eni biofuels, which will also be available in pure form from January 2023. In the future, hydrogen refueling points will also arrive.

Another interesting initiative of this plan concerns the community building energy.

Close to the of the areas of Autostrade per l'Italia or of the motorway network, where plants for the production of energy from renewable sources will be built, will be; Is it possible to build communities – energy, promoting the creation of collective self-consumption initiatives.

In addition to all this, the agreement between Autostrade per l'Italia, Eni and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti also provides for the definition of programs for the development of sustainable products for the improvement of motorway paving, and the launch of < strong>circular economy initiatives, starting with the collection of used tires that can be regenerated into sustainable chemical and energy products, including road surfaces. Roberto Tomasi, Chief Executive Officer of Autostrade per l'Italia, commented:

In a context that sees sustainability as as absolute and no longer; postponeable priority it is it is a fact that the motorway network and road transport continue to be an essential factor for development, a driving force for the national economy. It is This is why Autostrade per l'Italia is continuing its commitment to research and training in the name of transition with conviction and, from this point of view, the difference will be greater. be played on by the network of consolidated synergies between the major Italian players, an indispensable factor for carrying out wide-ranging systemic projects. The one between Eni, CDP and Aspi is; an alliance that will be able to make a difference, in the name of mobility; more and more green, looking to the future of the new generations, in the right balance between respect for the environment and growth of the country.

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