AP fires reporter behind fake news about Russian attack on Poland


Published 22 November 2022 at 18.41

Media. The American news agency AP has fired a journalist who wrongly singled out Russia for having been behind the bombing of a Polish village. The New York Post reports.

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The news that a Russian robot had hit the Polish village of Przewodow on the border with Ukraine hit like a bomb last week. Many expressed concern that this could be the start of World War III.

However, it soon emerged that it appeared to be a Ukrainian robot that hit the village and killed two people.

However, when the news was fresh, the AP published an article written by reporter James LaPorta, in which a “senior” but anonymous American “intelligence source” allegedly confirmed that Russia was behind the attack. This notice was then used by British and other media to point to the Russians as responsible.

The article was then taken down by the AP, which published a correction clarifying that the alleged source was wrong.

p>The news agency has now chosen to fire James LaPorta. The AP refers to its policy that at least two sources must usually be cited if the sources are anonymous. In addition, LaPorta allegedly misled the editors by claiming that a senior editor had already approved his article.