AMD Ryzen: New chipset driver fixes multiple black screens (BSOD)


The latest chipset driver for AMD Ryzen version contains several new driver packages and thus fixes various black screens, so-called Black Screens of Death (BSOD). The driver has been released for Windows 11 and Windows 10 and is intended for AMD Ryzen 1000 to Ryzen 7000 and the Ryzen Threadripper.

New chipset driver for everyone Generations

The manufacturer addresses the AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver Release as a bug fix release (“maintenance update”) to the CPUs and APUs from the following product families:

AMD Ryzen 1000

  • Ryzen 1000 (“AMD Summit Ridge”)*
AMD Ryzen 2000

  • Ryzen 2000 (“AMD Pinnacle Ridge”)
    • Ryzen 2000G (“AMD Raven Ridge”)*
    • Ryzen 2000H (“AMD Raven Ridge”)*
    • Ryzen 2000U (“AMD Raven Ridge”)*
AMD Ryzen 3000

  • Ryzen 3000 (“AMD Matisse”)
    • Ryzen 3000G (“AMD Picasso”)
    • Ryzen 3000H (“AMD Picasso”)
    • Ryzen 3000U (“AMD Picasso”)
AMD Ryzen 4000

  • Ryzen 4000G (“AMD Renoir”)
  • Ryzen 4000H (“AMD Renoir”)
  • Ryzen 4000U (“AMD Renoir “)
AMD Ryzen 5000

  • Ryzen 5000 (“AMD Vermeer”)
    • Ryzen 5000G (“AMD Cezanne”)
    • Ryzen 5000H (“AMD Cezanne”)
    • Ryzen 5000U (“AMD Cezanne”)
AMD Ryzen 6000

  • Ryzen 6000H (“AMD Rembrandt”)
  • Ryzen 6000U (“AMD Rembrandt”)
AMD Ryzen 7000

  • Ryzen 7000 (“AMD Raphael”)

*) only under Windows 10

In addition, there are the A-Series APUs, which are only supported under Windows 10, and the First, second and third generation Ryzen Threadripper and their Pro versions for workstations.

AMD fixes multiple black screens

The focus was in particular on corrections intended to fix several black screens under Windows. According to the official release notes, the following driver packages have been updated for this.

New driver packages

  • AMD PCI Device Driver ➞ Corrections
  • AMD PSP Driver ➞ Fixes BSOD (“7E”) during installation
  • AMD SFH Driver ➞ Support for custom ACS sensors
  • AMD PPM Provisioning File Driver ➞ Added program support
  • AMD MicroPEP Driver ➞ Fixes BSOD (“0x1CA and 0xA0”)
  • AMD S0i3 Filter Driver ➞ Correction for BSOD on S4
  • AMD USB4 CM Driver ➞ Corrects BSOD (“0x139”)

Download on ComputerBase

As usual, the latest AMD chipset driver v4.11.15.342 can be downloaded from the ComputerBase download area directly below this message will. The manufacturer has summarized how to correctly install the chipset driver in instructions.


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