777 hypercar: 730 HP and 7 million euros for the new supercar


The story of the new car manufacturer 777 Motors begins at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza which presented its first model, the exclusive 777 hypercar. This is a limited edition very high performance car that will be available for the first time. made in just 7 specimens. The new brand is; was founded by the entrepreneur Andrea LevyDallara collaborated on the development of the car, who worked on the chassis and aerodynamics, the Turin designer Umberto Palermo who created the design and Gibson Technology who worked on the development of the car. taken care of the engine.

In addition to being made in only 7 units, the new 777 Motors will be; accessible, economically speaking, only to very few collectors. The price, in fact, is; been set at 7 million euros. This cost also includes dedicated technical and physical preparation training in order to adequately prepare the lucky owners to be able to drive this new high-performance car in the best possible way.


The numbers of this supercar are truly remarkable. The car is was designed around a carbon monocoque. The aerodynamics developed by Dallara make it possible to have a good 2,100 kg of downforce at top speed. of 370 km/h. It weighs 900 kg and is capable of developing a lateral acceleration of 3.5 to 4 g. The engine is a 4,500 cc naturally aspirated V8 that develops 730 hp at 9,000 rpm, powered by synthetic fuels. No electrification.

777 hypercar is a model not designed to compete, but to offer private customers a very high performance hypercar for exclusive use on the track, all without having to submit to any type of technical regulation. The car will be equipped with belts, seats and specific solutions deriving from the experience of Formula 1 and made by Sparco.

Thanks to its technical characteristics, this supercar is perfect for racing. able to complete a lap of the Monza circuit in 1'33''. The first deliveries are expected in 2025. A first prototype will be available. admire in Monza already; since spring 2023, in the 777 Motors headquarters, a few meters from the statue of Juan Manuel Fangio and from the entrance to the track.


The seven examples of the 777 hypercar will always be kept by the manufacturer in what is the home of 777 Motors, or the Monza circuit. The 7 future owners will be able to take to the track whenever they want and take part in the exclusive tailor-made events organized for them throughout the year.

The owners will receive a helmet made by Stilo which will allow them to ride on the track. communication between the driver, engineers and mechanics of the 777 hypercar who will follow the car from the pits and from the control room, via a dedicated integrated radio kit.

While waiting to be able to get into their car, buyers will receive a specific machine created ad hoc for the 777 hypercar: it is; designed to strengthen the neck area and prepare it in the best possible way for the stresses it will be exposed to. subjected to the track. In addition, they will also receive the professional Gt simulator from Tech And Sym which is the best way to use it. capable of restoring the car behavior of the 777 hypercar through various devices, including active belts, a movement system with three degrees of freedom; and customizable steering wheel and seat.

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