Windows 11: VPN networks will soon be reported in the notification area


With the Windows 11 2023 Update (“23H2”) ​​at the latest, VPN networks should be displayed in the notification area (“System Tray”) of Windows 11 and made recognizable at a glance. The new feature is currently being tested internally and can be activated with the Windows 11 Insider Preview from Build 25247.

VPN connections can be activated in the Show notification area

As the Deskmodder website first reported, the networks implemented via a corresponding VPN connection can already be displayed in the notification area of ​​Windows 11. This was discovered by the Twitter user @PhantomOfEarth, who is known for such publications and who also announced the feature ID required for this. The VPN connection is marked with a blue padlock.

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Windows 11 makes VPN connections visible in the system tray (image: @PhantomOfEarth)

The basic requirements for using the new feature are a current Windows 11 Insider Preview from Build 25247, which Microsoft published on Friday in the Dev Channel, and the Vive tool v0.3.2 (ZIP), which can be downloaded from the GitHub developer platform.< /p>

Enable VPN connections in the notification area

  • Download Vive tool → Extract archive
  • Right click in the folder → Open in Windows Terminal

Then you only have to enter the following command via the input prompt of the terminal*:

  • vivetool /enable /id:38113452 → enable
  • vivetool /disable /id:38113452 → disable

*) the terminal must be set as Administrator

After restarting the operating system, connections established via a corresponding VPN network are displayed in the notification area of ​​Windows 11.

< h2 class="text-width text-h2" id="section_insider_can_activate_hidden_features">Insiders can activate hidden features

With the help of the Vive tool, other hidden settings and features can also be unlocked in the respective Insider Preview of Windows 11. The overview maintained by Rafael Rivera on the GitHub developer platform shows what these are.

Other hidden features of Windows 11

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As with any system intervention of this depth and scope, a backup is urgently recommended. Microsoft implements these features expressly for developers and releases them exclusively in the Dev Channel.

For more information, see the Vive tool project page.