Philips 27B1U7903: UHD monitor with Thunderbolt 4 and mini LED


For professional use, Philips has provided the 4K UHD monitor 27B1U7903, which features mini-LED technology and a Thunderbolt 4 interface. The luminosity is particularly high at up to 1,400 cd/m².

Mini LEDs on 2,304 dimming zones

Mini-LED technology supplies far more light-emitting diodes than classic LED backlights for liquid crystal screens (LCD) and thus ensures more brightness and a correspondingly higher contrast ratio, which, however, cannot keep up with OLEDs. In the case of the 27-inch Philips 27B1U7903, the mini-LEDs are divided into 2,304 dimming zones whose brightness can be regulated separately.

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Philips 27B1U7903 (image: Philips)

The LCD panel illuminated by it is of the IPS type with high viewing angle stability. Philips states 10-bit color depth and around 99 percent coverage of the Adobe RGB and Rec 709 color spaces, and the larger Rec 2020 color space is covered at a good 80 percent. From the factory, the display is set to a color distance of Delta E < 1 calibrated, which should appeal to professionals who demand accurate color reproduction. The DisplayHDR 1400 certification certifies the said peak brightness of 1,400 cd/m² in HDR mode. The 3,840 × 2,160 pixels are displayed with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Thunderbolt 4 as input and output

In addition to the mini-LED backlight, Thunderbolt 4 is another special feature that is still rarely found. The fast universal interface, which offers all the features of USB4 1.0 and more, uses the USB-C connector, which is becoming more and more common. Data, video signals and electricity are transmitted via it. The monitor has an upstream port (up to 90 watts) and a downstream port (up to 15 watts). There are also four USB-A sockets, one DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 as well as an audio output and a network connection (1 Gbit/s). With these connections, the monitor becomes a docking station for notebooks with USB-C.

Philips 27B1U7903 (Image: Philips)

The upscale equipment has its price: Philips quotes around 1,300 euros as a recommended retail price for immediate availability. This is not that expensive for mini LED monitors with professional standards.