Jaguar Land Rover wants to hire redundant Twitter and Facebook workers


Jaguar Land Rover has decided to recruit workers of social networks Facebook and Twitter who have recently left or been fired. As we know, automakers are investing more and more in the industry. in the development of the software that will be fundamental for the cars of the future that will have autonomous driving and infotainment systems increasingly; sophisticated.


The English group needs a new job. to expand its development team and has kicked off a recruitment campaign to cover more of the development team. of 800 jobsin the UK, Ireland, USA, India, China and Hungary. Specifically, Jaguar Land Rover is looking for figures who deal with autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, the cloud and much more.

The interesting thing is, it's the story of Jaguar Land Rover. that in the press release, the English group explicitly refers to the redundancies of large technology companies such as Meta and Twitter which recently announced cuts to their staff.

Following news of large-scale layoffs by tech companies, Jaguar Land Rover is opening a new vacancies portal for outgoing tech workers. Available roles include autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, electrification, cloud, data science, “machine learning” and more.

The English group points to the skills of all the people who have worked within the large technology companies to be exploited for its objectives of digitization contained in the “Reimagine” plan. In this regard, Anthony Battle, Chief Information Officer of the English group, commented:

Our digital transformation journey has been one of the first steps we have taken. Well underway, but being able to recruit highly skilled digital workers is a challenge. an important next step.

Image copyright: blinow61

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