Caselabs: Luxury case brand is revived in Sweden


Caselabs returns. The US-based company, which went bankrupt in 2018 and specialized in modding-friendly, spacious computer cases for owners of large water cooling systems, will now operate from Sweden, where the new owner of the brand is based.

< p class="p text-width">Brand and all products as well as design drawings have been owned by Emil Rytterstedt, a Caselabs fan, since 2021, according to the provider's new website. Currently, the acquired material would be viewed and categorized.

Caselabs cases should come back

The aim is to make the manuals for all products produced available online and to restart the production of housings. In a first step, it is “very likely” that spare parts will become available again before all the towers designed by Caselabs so far are offered again. Caselabs is in contact with former employees and fans of the brand. However, there is no mention of the fact that they work as employees. The new incarnation has nothing in common with the defunct Caselabs in terms of personnel.

After production has started again, the housing will be modernized and will support, among other things, the vertical mounting of graphics cards. At the same time, Caselabs is planning to update I/O panels, which seems urgently necessary – in 2018 USB-C was still hard to find, in 2022 the connection will be a must even for cheaper housings.

“Sometime in the future” there should also be completely new housings on the market. Merchandise articles, peripheral products and accessories are discussed at the same time, which indicates an intended establishment of Caselabs in a broader sense. It seems uncertain whether this distant dream of the future can be implemented in this way, as Caselabs, with its quite voluminous products costing several hundred euros, was only known to a small target group.

It is not yet known when parts and cases can be bought again. After buying the rights a good year ago, there is at least a website, so a launch can be expected in the coming year. Caselabs emphasizes two essential aspects: The quality will be in no way inferior to the old Caselabs products and the company will be placed on a solid foundation, they say. It is initially sold via its own website, which is to have a shop. What is new is that production no longer takes place in the USA. Instead, it is produced in Sweden, which should make the price of Caselabs products cheaper due to the reduced shipping costs and no customs duties in Europe.