Automotive table, we start again on December 5th. Focus on the ecological transition


December 5th will be the last day. finally the automotive table has been reconvened. As reported by Il Messaggero, the confirmation comes directly from the Minister of Industry and Made in Italy Adolfo Ursoat the City Festival; Business. This is an important announcement as the businesses – of the automotive table had been at a standstill for several months and for some time the trade associations had been pressing for its restart. Therefore, in a couple of weeks, the Government, together with the builders, companies in the sector and the trade unions, will return to work. to discuss the future of the Italian automotive sector.

We will talk, in particular, of very important topics related to electrification and the ecological transition.


In addition to giving a date for the new convocation of the automotive table, the Minister agreed; pledged to reconvene the table every 3 months. Very important promise given the great changes that will have to be implemented. address this sector in the coming years. For the Minister, the automotive roundtable is; a "strategic table". Already; on Tuesday, however, there will be an event. a comparison with European colleagues.

We are trying to develop a common policy with the large producing countries in Europe: with France we share a large automotive company, Stellantis, with Germany a European industrial chain that of automotive industry, and we know that together we must try to redirect European industrial policy in this field.

There will be no shortage of not even, of course, a direct comparison with Stellantis. The Minister adds that the aim is not only to maintain the production sites and employment levels, but also to encourage investments in those technologies of the future that can allow electric cars to be built in Italy.

It will be; therefore it is very interesting and important to follow the progress of this comparison table. To adequately support the automotive sector in Italy, especially with a view to ecological transition, the Government needs direct dialogue with manufacturers, trade unions and trade associations to understand how to move. In the coming months, we'll find out what emerges in the future. and the measures that will be taken for the sector.

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