NIO, 1,200 battery swap stations in China


NIO strongly believes in battery swap technology and is working hard to expand this battery exchange network in China. As we know, the manufacturer has begun to install the first stations also in European countries where it is located. recently landed. Now, the automaker has taken stock of the situation of the development of this network. According to reports, in November, the brand had in Chinarecently exceeded 1,200 battery swap stations. It is estimated that by the end of the year there will be more students. of 1,300.

The progress of growing this infrastructure for the exchange of electric car batteries has been remarkable. NIO, in fact, showed that 600 new stations were installed in one year.


In addition to the number of installed and active stations, NIO also provided some additional information on this infrastructure. To date, the automaker's customers have performed nearly 14 million battery changes, with the daily average exceeding 30,000 replacements. The Chinese manufacturer says that every 2.8 seconds there is a a NIO car coming out of a battery swap station.

Thanks to the growth of this infrastructure, the number of vehicles sharing each single station has increased. decreasing compared to 2021. Therefore, to date, NIO is; able to offer an ability to; enough service to meet the growing needs of its users.

The automaker notes that its network of interchange stations now covers more than 66% of China, already supplying more than 66% of China. good coverage of larger areas; developed in the country. NIO's goal remains to make over 4,000 battery swap stations available by 2025, 1,000 of which, however, outside China (mainly in Europe).< /p>

NIO, however, is not investing only in the battery swap but also in the implementation of a charging infrastructure. To date, 1,101 Power Charger stations and 948 Destination Charger stations have been installed. Finally, we recall that to support the expansion of the battery swap in Europe, NIO has opened a factory in Hungary for the construction of battery swap stations.

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