Celebrated female entrepreneur gets 11 years in prison


Published 19 November 2022 at 09.47

Foreign. Elizabeth Holmes was highlighted in the media as a female superstar – but her entire business concept was a sham. Now she has been sentenced to just over 11 years in prison.

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Elizabeth Holmes, 38, deceived investors in Silicon Valley that her company Theranos could detect serious diseases with a few drops of blood.

She was described as the “next Steve Jobs” and her face graced the cover of prestigious magazines such as Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times in 2014. In the same year, her fortune was estimated at 9 billion dollars.

In 2016, however, it was revealed that the entire business was a scam, and since then the image of Elizabeth Holmes has changed completely.

The prosecutor claimed on 15 years in prison while the hearing wanted to see 18 months of house arrest. The sentence was eleven years and three months in prison for fraud.