Sweden's last operation in Mali completed


Published 18 November 2022 at 07.02

Domestic. In mid-November, the Swedish Malian force carried out its last operation within the framework of the Swedish Armed Forces' contribution to the UN operation in Mali, which has been ongoing since 2014.

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The operation was directed south from Gao and went down towards the tri-border area where the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger meet. An area where both criminals and terrorist groups have great control.

– The goal of the last operation was to protect the local population, increase understanding of the security situation in the area of ​​operation and at the same time disrupt the terrorist groups. We have done this by being in areas that we know the terrorist groups are in, in this way we limit their freedom of action and movement, says contingent commander Christofer Lennings on the defense's website and continues:

– In addition to that have we made it possible for the UN's civilian elements to get out and talk to the local population in these vulnerable areas. Then they can create a deeper understanding of the security situation and what kind of help is needed in the villages.

Unit Mali 16 is the last force to make a full operational effort in Mali. In December, they will be succeeded by Mali 17, who will go down to wind down the Armed Forces and Sweden's soon-to-be nine-year mission in Mali.