Stellantis accelerates autonomous driving and acquires aiMotive


The development of self-driving vehicles has been a major challenge. one of the most important points of the strategic plan “Dare Forward 2030” by Stellantis. To accelerate the development of this technology which will find; placed inside its future cars, the Group has announced that it has acquired aiMotive, a company that deals with the development of advanced solutions for artificial intelligence and software for autonomous driving. Yves Bonnefont, Chief Software Officer of Stellantis, commented:

The acquisition of aiMotive's excellent autonomous driving and artificial intelligence technology marks an important contribution in the process of becoming a leading mobility technology company in the world. sustainable. The spirit of the startup and the authoritative expertise of aiMotive will give impetus to achieve the goals of our Dare Forward 2030 plan.


aiMotive headquarters is located in Budapest, Hungary, while offices are located in Germany, USA, Japan, with more than 200 employees worldwide, including engineers with expertise in advanced artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. aiMotive will operate as a subsidiary of Stellantis, maintaining its independence.

This reality has developed an articulated range of technological products on four key areas, in the field of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving:

  • aiDrive: stack with integrated software for autonomous driving
  • aiData: operations based on artificial intelligence and data tooling
  • aiWare: competence and properties of intelligence for silicon microchips
  • aiSim: software simulation for the development of autonomous driving

Let's remember that Stellantis is already in the process of developing autonomous driving systems. developing three new technological platforms (STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, STLA AutoDrive), which starting from 2024 will be implemented on its new cars. This acquisition, in particular, will allow the to accelerate the development of the STLA AutoDrive platform.

The Group expects its software-related strategy to generate approximately 20 billion euros in incremental annual revenues by the end of the decade.

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