School forced girls to cover their hair before visiting mosques


Published 18 November 2022 at 10.17

Domestic. Female students at Växjö Fria Gymnasium were ordered to cover their hair and “wear decent clothes” before a mosque visit. This arouses strong feelings, reports P4 Kronoberg.

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Before the visit to the mosque on Wednesday, Växjö Fria Gymnasium sent two messages to the students in which they emphasized the importance of covering up.

“You must wear decent clothes and the girls must cover their hair with a shawl or scarf. Available to borrow in case you forget,” said one message.

In the second message, the school wrote:

“Remember to wear decent clothes , i.e. don't show your stomach, not low-cut, not too short pants/short skirt etc. Girls need to cover their hair. Bring a shawl or wider scarf, so you can cover all your hair. If you forgot, there are clean ones to borrow place.”

Female students have reacted strongly to the demand.

– It is very offensive to us girls above all. The school's policy is that it should be equal, but it isn't if we girls have to wear shawls and decent clothes while the boys can go there as they are, says one of the students to SR.