Jonas Gardell: SD is like Iran's mullahs


Published 18 November 2022 at 08.44

Domestic. It is “striking how similar the SD is to Iran's mullahs.” That's what comedian Jonas Gardell says after representatives of the Sweden Democrats criticized tax-funded storytimes with transvestites.

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The fact that public libraries pay transvestites to read LGBTQ stories to young children has attracted attention lately.

The reason is that the local SD politician Jonathan Sager in Kalmar wanted to stop such event at the city library.

Comedian Jonas Gardell, who is openly gay, writes in a cultural article in Expressen that we must “put our foot down here and now” against the fact that there are SD politicians who are against the LGBTQ storytimes . He wonders what the critics want the children to be protected from.

“Protected from what one wonders. Fairy tales? Fantasy? Rainbows? The color pink? That there are more ways to be a boy and a girl. Or is the kindness they should be protected from? The warmth and goodness?” writes Gardell.

Söder: “Leave the children alone”
SD leader Björn Söder comments on Jonas Gardell's article on Twitter.

“Let the children be free from your sexual inclinations,” he writes.

Gardell responds to Söder by comparing SD to the regime in Iran.

– Does SD seriously want to go down in how people dress maybe they should move to Iran. It is sometimes striking how similar SD is to Iran's mullahs, he tells Expressen.