European car market, recovery continues also in October 2022


Another positive sign for the European car market. According to ACEA data, the month of October 2022, at the level of the European Union, was the year; closed with growth of 12.2% (745,855 units). However, despite the “plus” sign, we are still a long way from 2019, the pre-pandemic period. In fact, around 290,000 registrations have been lost compared to October 2019.

Returning to 2022, the data for the first 10 months is still negative. The improvements of the last few months have not made it possible to compensate for the previous losses. Therefore, the figure for January-October 2022 marks a drop of 8.1% compared to the same period in 2021.

If we also want to include data from the United Kingdom and the EFTA countries, the month of October 2022 has been completed. closed with 910,753 registrations equal to an increase of 14.1%. The data for the first 10 months of 2022 shows a decrease of 7.8% on 2021. According to ACEA data, in October 2022 all the main European Union markets were positive: Germany (+16.8% ), Italy (+14.6%), Spain (+11.7%) and France (+5.5%).

Instead, in the first 10 months of the year, all the main markets are down. The worst is; the Italian one: Italy (-13.8%), France (-10.3%), Spain (-5.8%) and Germany (-5.5%).

As regards Automotive groups, still at the level of the European Union, the Volkswagen Group closes with a growth of 41.7%. Stellantis, on the other hand, closed down by 4.3%. The Renault group ends October 2022 with a +0.2%. In a couple of weeks, data from the domestic auto markets for November will begin to arrive. At this point it will be possible to understand if the positive trend will continue further.

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