Does Turin want to become a "city? at 30 km/h” (almost)


Turin too is preparing to become a "cityà 30 km/h”. In fact, in the session of the City Council on November 14th, it was A motion was approved with 27 votes in favor and 3 against which commits the mayor of the city; Stefano Lo Russoand its junta to move towards this goal. Of course, getting there will take time. different time. We'll talk about it again, at least, at the beginning of 2023. The road, however, seems to have been clearly traced. How can you read in the approved motion, the Mayor and the City Council will undertake to proclaim "Torino Città 30 per hour.”


The reasons for this choice are essentially due to increasing road safety.

At all speeds; the main cause of accidents and risks to road safety are distractions and failure to respect the right of way, so there is a need for road safety. the need; to increase citizens' awareness of respect for the rules and moderation in driving vehicles.

The motion highlights that in Turin there is a limit of 20 km/h in pedestrian areas, 30 km/h for all side roads, for the central ZTL and some “zone 30”, 50 km/h for all the other roads, except those where you can; traveling at 70 km/h. The speed medium is speed of 25 km/h, which “makes accelerating between one intersection and another in streets without the right of way or towards the next traffic light substantially useless”.

Therefore, we will work on the speed. to lower the limit to 30 km/h for all roads without right of way, leaving the limit at 50 km/h for other traffic roads, would effectively create 30 neighborhood zones surrounded and crossed from connecting roads at 50 km/h. Therefore, one will not go; to extend the 30 km/h limit everywhere. On high-traffic roads, the limit will remain the same. speed of 50 km/h.

At this point it will be possible to go faster. it is interesting to wait for all the actions that the Giunta will take; in place to get to review the viability; of the city; of Turin.

We would like to remind you that, just recently, Bologna had announced its plan to limit the speed of the car. maximum speed within almost the entire municipal area at 30 km/h.

Photo copyright: saiko3p

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