Matter 1.0: cross-manufacturer smart home standard starts


As the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) announces, version 1.0 of the new, cross-manufacturer smart home standard Matter has been released. Numerous well-known manufacturers such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and Philips Hue are involved in the CSA.

Manufacturers are prepared

< p class="p text-width">Vendors that support Matter now have all the resources to implement the standard. Many manufacturers have been preparing for this for some time, since they were already closely involved in the development. For example, Apple has already released iOS 16.1 to developers with Matter support in HomeKit. It is likely that Apple will start supporting Matter with iOS 16.1.

Products can be certified

With the official launch of Matter 1.0, however, product certification will also begin in the labs and tools for developers as well as the open source SDK will be available. Manufacturers who were involved in the development of Matter and who have already prepared their already delivered products for the new standard will soon be able to roll out the necessary software updates as soon as their products are officially certified. In addition to Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, this also includes many products from Philips Hue, Tado, Eve and Huawei. But Ikea is also planning a new smart home hub with Matter, which is rumored to start in November.

Matter aims to take the interoperability of smart home devices from different manufacturers to a whole new level by allowing them to be used together for the first time. Products from Eve, for example, which were previously only designed for HomeKit, can also be used with Android and Samsung SmartThings in the future, as the manufacturer recently demonstrated to the public at IFA 2022. Matter works via WLAN and thread.

The updates must follow promptly

After the official completion of Matter, it's now the turn of the manufacturers. Numerous companies have promised to offer updates for their devices within a very short time after publication in order to support the smart home standard as quickly as possible after numerous changes. For example, Amazon has announced that almost all Echo speakers will act as Matter controllers and the 4th generation Echo (test) will even be able to act as a border router. The same applies to the 2nd generation Nest Hub from Google (test) and the Nest Wifi Pro mesh WLAN system with Wi-Fi 6E, which was introduced today.

First Products should be fully certified in just a few days or weeks. Many manufacturers want to show certified products in live demonstrations at a CSA event in Amsterdam in early November.

Some product categories are missing in Matter 1.0


Matter will gradually be introduced for different product categories. It starts with devices such as lamps and lights, sockets, door locks, thermostats, blinds, sensors such as motion detectors and smoke detectors, garage door controls, WLAN routers and access points and televisions as well as streaming devices. However, security cameras, alarm systems, vacuum cleaner robots, household appliances and the wide field of electromobility are not included.