Tesla, new record in the third quarter of 2022: delivered 343,830 cars


Tesla set a new all-time delivery record in one quarter. The company & agrave; by Elon Musk, in fact, announced that in the third quarter of 2022 it delivered 343,830 cars . The previous record was set by Tesla in the first quarter of 2022 with 310,048 cars. In the second quarter of 2022, however, Tesla had delivered 254,695 cars.

Speaking of production, the American brand announces that in the third quarter of 2022 it produced 365,923 electric cars . Also in this case it is a record that & egrave; was possible thanks to the new Gigafactory and the expansion of the capacity; of the Shanghai factory.

Q3 2022 DATA

  • Model S/X : 19,935 produced – 18,672 delivered
  • Model 3/Y : 345,988 produced – 325,158 delivered
  • Total : 365,923 produced – 343,830 delivered

Obviously, the Model 3s and Model Ys continue to have the best numbers. The sales figures of the Model S and Model X are still very interesting. Since the beginning of the year , the American car manufacturer has delivered over 908,000 electric cars . Therefore, the milestone of one million vehicles delivered is; really close. In addition, the brand is also working to progressively bring the new Gigafactories in Texas and Germany up to speed.

So, production and delivery numbers could further improve in the future. At this point all that remains is to wait for the financial results for the quarter to get a precise picture of this period. In this regard, Tesla already has; announced that economic data will be presented after the stock market close on Wednesday & igrave; October 19, 2022. In a couple of weeks, therefore, we will be able to have all the complete data of Tesla's third quarter 2022.

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