Lamborghini Urus, the Plug-in version yes? spied on the street


Lamborghini Urus has recently received an aesthetic and technical update with the launch of the Performante and S versions. The automaker, as we know, is also working on a Plug-in variant of its SUV . In fact, the manufacturer's industrial plan aims at the complete electrification of the range of its cars. In 2027/2028 it will arrive; also the first 100% electric model.

Now, just the PHEV variant of the Urus & egrave; was intercepted on the road during a test session. Whether it is the Plug-in model, despite the presence of a large camouflage, it is understood by the classic yellow stickers with the symbol of high voltage that are present on the hybrid models. Also, you can & ograve; also note the cover for the charging socket.


Looking at the new spy photos you can & ograve; observe a front that seems to have slightly different lines than those of the current model. It is therefore possible that the PHEV model may have some different aesthetic elements compared to the endothermic variants. There may also be new colors designed to enhance the presence of a Plug-in system. Surely, on the front of the look of the car we will know more; over the next few months, as development testing progresses.

Exterior design aside, the curiosity & agrave; major & egrave; on the powertrain chosen by Lamborghini for this car of his. For some time, rumors have been talking about the 4-liter twin-turbo V8 combined with a unit & agrave; electric, powertrain that we find on board the Porsche Panamera PHEV and that & egrave; capable of delivering 700 hp. However, on the Urus it could be revised to get to deliver more & ugrave; power.

The Urus Plug-in, in fact, should become the new flagship version of the Lamborghini SUV. The greater power will serve; also to compensate for the weight increase due to the presence of the electric motor and the battery. All that remains is to wait for more information on the PHEV version of the SUV to better understand the characteristics of this model.

When will it be; officially presented the new Urus Plug-in? Given Lamborghini's electrification plans, the PHEV SUV is expected to be unveiled in the course of 2023 . A precise date, at the moment, still does not exist.

[Spy photo:]

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