Ethioca Taxi Miner, this is how the taxi of the future could be


Ethiopian Taxi Miner & egrave; an electric vehicle designed not for mobility; private but to offer transport services within cities . Easy to access, without architectural barriers, this particular car has 7 modular seats, plus; one for disabled passengers who will be able to board without assistance, by means of an automatic lifting platform.

This vehicle that can be seen as an example of a taxi of the future , & egrave; was presented as a prototype by Etioca, a company founded by the Israeli entrepreneur Mark Ishakov based in Gibraltar.


Taxi Miner & egrave; 4.9 meters long and & egrave; was designed thanks to a collaboration with Giugiaro . The car rests on the platform & quot; Anna & quot; that & egrave; based on a modular electrical architecture that allows different configurations.

The company & agrave; explains that this vehicle is aimed at a new generation of taxi drivers who no longer have to & ugrave; buy the car but get it in use from Ethioca. In this way, drivers can have access to the vehicle and all services (including insurance) at an estimated cost of € 0.99 per km .

This particular electric taxi also allows the transport of oversized leisure items such as bicycles, skis and snowboards. Many other features are available on board, such as digital screens for managing services, a payment terminal, a taxi shop, a minibar, chargers for all types of smartphones and an online route map.

L & # 39 ; company explains that the driver's seat & egrave; insulated, fully equipped and guarantees safety and security. Taxi Miner also supports battery swap in order to continue to operate without long interruptions. Obviously, the batteries can also be recharged through the normal charging stations.

Given the past health provisions during the pandemic, every vehicle will come; automatically sanitized when all passengers have left the cabin, through a mixed system of ultraviolet light and disinfectant nebulizer. Passengers, to access the transport service, must use a dedicated application.

Through the app, users will be able to book their trip. This application will serve; also for taxi drivers to supervise the work and the entrances of the rides, on-board services and advertising panels placed on the taxi. Passengers will also be able to pay for the rides with a cryptocurrency.


According to the company, in 2024 Taxi Miner will be; already on the road. There should already be some in circulation; about 10 thousand. Annual production in 2025 will be; of 45,000 units and will reach & agrave; the 100,000 units per year in 2027 with an initial investment of $ 400 million to reach $ 1.2 billion over the next 3 years.

Apparently there would already be; under discussion 90 thousand pre-orders in Italy, Israel and Latvia . The pre-order form is; available on the Etioca website. Interested taxi drivers can register with a simple transaction of 100 euros. This amount allows you to manage the feasibility; of the order and will come returned to future drivers on the Ethioca debit card, the same day the vehicle is delivered starting in 2024.

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