The UN summit brags that she controls Google's search results


Published 2 October 2022 at 13.21

Foreign. Melissa Fleming, the UN's head of “global communications”, now tells how she got Google to clean up search results about the so-called chemical threat that don't match the UN's own version.

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It was during a meeting on “disinformation” organized by the World Economic Forum that Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the United Nations, talked about her work.

– We have started a collaborative with Google. For example, if you google “climate change”, you will get a number of different results from the UN at the top. We started this partnership because we were shocked to see an incredible amount of distorted information coming up at the top when we googled 'climate change'.

She continues:

– So we are becoming much more proactive. We own the science and we think the world should know it, and so do the platforms themselves.

Melissa Fleming also talked about another UN project, “Team Halo”, which aims to spread the global organization's view on covid -19 on the social media platform Tiktok.