Swedish ships in place before the explosions


Published 2 October 2022 at 14.24

Domestic. The Swedish Navy had ships right in the relevant areas in the days before the sabotage against the gas pipelines Nord stream 1 and 2, Dagens Nyheter reports. But the Swedish Armed Forces do not want to say what the ships did at the site.

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Swedish Navy ships were in the area from Thursday to Saturday, and on the night of Monday the attention-grabbing explosions took place.

DN has used a commercial service to track the movements, which is based on signals from so-called AIS transmitters on the ships. These transmitters show where the ships are, but can be turned off if necessary.

According to the newspaper, the ships were located on Thursday precisely at the northern location where three gas leaks were later discovered. They were also in the area on Friday.

After that the AIS transmission seems to have been switched off, but when it was switched on again the ships were instead at the southern area where another gas leak was then discovered. Then they returned to the northern area with three later gas leaks.

On the night of Monday, so the gas lines were burst, it was not possible to see if the ships were in place using the AIS system, according to DN.

“AIS data from the current 24 hours shows that the transmitters are switched off when the ships approach the very areas where the gas pipelines run”, states DN.

Jimmie Adamsson, the navy's press director, does not want to answer what the ships did on the spot, but refers to stricter secrecy.

– Our operations at sea are subject to extra secrecy due to various events and the state of the world. So we don't tell very much about what we do, says Jimmie Adamsson.