Hanna Wagenius does not want to lead the Center Party


Published 1 October 2022 at 20.49

Domestic. Former CUF chairman Hanna Wagenius has been singled out as a possible successor to Annie Lööf. But now she announces that she is not interested in the job, writes Expressen.

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Wagenius writes on Facebook that she will not run for the position of chairman and at the same time stands behind the EU parliamentarian Emma Wiesner as the new party leader.

However, many have heard and suggested that Hanna Wagenius will run for office herself.

“It is of course insanely flattering to hear, but I am not prepared to fill those shoes,” she writes in a post on Facebook.

She also writes that she supports EU parliamentarian Emma Wiesner's candidacy. Wiesner is an EU parliamentarian and took over Fredrick Federley's seat in Strasbourg after the pedophile scandal in 2020.