“Disconnection” of households when the industry's electricity is to be secured this winter


Published 2 October 2022 at 12.39

Economy. Svenska kraftnät plans to use the speculation-driven electricity trading on the “electricity exchange” Nordpool to determine whether households should be manually disconnected from the power grid this winter. There you can see how much electricity the Swedes are trying to buy.

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The power cut

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– When the electricity exchange closes the day before, we see if what the consumers want is enough or not. Then all electricity retailers will receive information that we cannot deliver what they asked for. Then electricity retailers must make sure to reduce consumption, says the authority's director general Lotta Medelius-Bredhe to Aftonbladet.

If it doesn't work, the electricity will be disconnected through controlled blackouts that will force households to cut down on energy use. Otherwise there will be further suspensions. Something similar has never before been required in Sweden.

– Then we will from the control rooms order network owners to disconnect certain areas. It could be about an hour or so in Malmö, for example, says Medelius-Bredhe.

Even if the power outage itself is something that most people have experienced before, the reduction in electricity use can be something new. The Swedes will be able to save especially on heat and hot water, which are big energy guzzlers, at the same time as it is the coldest this winter.

In contrast, “Industry” comes first and no disconnections are planned for industry, according to Svenska kraftnät. Mark Zuckerberg and Google's data centers are thus not affected by the warning.