Jaguar Land Rover trains employees for an electric-only future


The automotive industry is profoundly changing with the arrival of electrification and new technologies that make cars into computers on 4 wheels. To deal with these changes in the best possible way, Jaguar Land Rover has decided to introduce the & quot; Future Skills & quot; program. It is a training course through which in the next three years more & ugrave; of 60% of Jaguar Land Rover employees and franchisees worldwide, will receive & agrave; an update in training to develop, manufacture and service new luxury electric vehicles.

Overall, pi & ugrave; of 29 thousand collaborators they will be trained to be able to cope with the needs in the areas of connection, data management and in the rapid transition to electrification.


Going into the specifics of this initiative, the program & quot ; Future Skills & quot; will see engaged more & ugrave; of 10,000 Jaguar Land Rover employees, franchisee dealers in the UK and nearly 19,000 employees in the rest of the world, who will be trained on vital issues in the areas of electrification, digitalisation and autonomous car driving.

This training program & egrave; an important part of the & quot; Reimagine & quot; strategy of Jaguar Land Rover which aims at the complete electrification of the range of cars. Approximately 80% of nearly 1,300 franchised Jaguar Land Rover dealerships worldwide reportedly offer EV assistance services; therefore, the company will guarantee; complete electrification training for most service technicians.

In addition to technicians, the British Group plans to upgrade thousands of highly skilled automotive engineers and production workers, who previously worked on the development of internal combustion cars, to transform them into electrification, digitalisation and autonomous driving specialists. Since the production of electric cars at Jaguar Land Rover factories is; growing, plant employees will need to receive adequate training so that they can work safely on high voltage electric vehicle systems.

With the Aiming to ensure that the next generation is equally equipped with future skills, the company is also strengthening its global apprenticeship program, adding hundreds more apprentices to Jaguar Land Rover and dealer headcount around the world./p>

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