Elon Musk introduces Optimus, his humanoid robot


Tesla Optimus & egrave; was the great protagonist of the AI ​​Day 2022 of the company of Elon Musk. When the American company announced the development of a humanoid robot last year, many analysts thought it was more of a question. of an idea than of a real project. Yet, in the following months, Tesla not only affirmed & ograve; that the project was real but that he had given it top priority. And announcing the AI ​​Day 2022 appointment, Elon Musk highlights & ograve; that there would be a first demonstration of Optimus .


And as promised, the humanoid robot actually made its stage debut at AI Day 2022. Tesla actually brought two prototypes. The first, called & quot; Bumble-C & quot;, made with & quot; standard & quot; components, appeared on stage walking in complete autonomy and performing a series of movements also with the arms. According to what has been told, this prototype would have been able to do many other things too, but Tesla did not want to & quot; risk & quot; problems and prevent it from falling to the ground.

Elon Musk's ultimate goal is to get to mass-market Optimus . And when it will be possible to do so, the number one of the company & agrave; American stressed that it will cost; less than a car, less than $ 20,000 . No precise timing has been given as to when Optimus will be; ready for mass production but the work done so far by Tesla & egrave; really impressive, thinking that they have been working on it for a short time . (After the presentation, Musk talked about 3-5 years but we know that his predictions are often risky …)

Compared to reality who deal exclusively with robotics, Tesla, while “ starting from scratch '', was able to take advantage of the skills acquired in the development and construction of cars and in the development of artificial intelligence. Many of the & quot; ingredients & quot; to build Optimus, therefore, they were already; present in the house.

But where will you find & agrave; Optimus application? Tesla then showed a series of videos showing practical applications of his humanoid robot, from working in the factory, passing through the delivery of packages in offices, to carrying out some more tasks; & quot; housewares & quot; how to water the flowers.

The company & agrave; americana then showed a second prototype , plus & ugrave; refined and advanced than what the first demonstration on stage did. It was also better built as it also had a body cover. In this case, however, the robot was not yet able to walk and it is; limited to showing arm movements.


Tesla also talked about some of the technical characteristics of the most advanced version; advance of his humanoid robot. Optimus weighs 73 kg and is; powered by a 2.3 kWh battery which should be enough for a working day. The & quot; brain & quot; nothing else about the robot is; that a variant of the SoC that Tesla uses for the management of the Autopilot on its electric cars. In addition, Optimus has connectivity & agrave; WiFi and LTE, as well as being able to count on 28 actuators.

And what is shown is; just the beginning. For Tesla, Optimus represents a very important project. We will see how it will be carried forward and the progress that will be made over time. The premises, however, are really very interesting.

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