Electric cars, how much does it cost to recharge in Italy? The main rates compared


When it comes to electric cars , among the questions that curious people often ask, there are related ones to recharge. Questions that concern not only the infrastructure and timing of energy supplies but also costs . And precisely on the subject of costs there is; often a lot of confusion as the top up prices , in addition to being different according to the company providing the service, they also vary according to the power of the column.

So, let's try to do a little bit; of order (also considering the increases in recent times ), and we see tariffs and subscriptions that offer some of the main Italian companies that offer top-up services. Alongside Enel X Way and Be Charge which are the realities; which have the two pi & ugrave; large charging networks in Italy, we also choose to compare the rates of A2A, Acea, Duferco Energia, IONITY and Tesla . (the costs indicated are those recorded at the time of writing the article)


  • A2A
  • ACEA

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A2A rankingconsumption rate & quot; pay per use & quot; but also some subscriptions that allow you to purchase a certain amount of kWh per month at a discounted price. Let's go into the details of the different tariff profiles that A2A offers for recharging at its network.

For Isole Digitali and Quick columns:

  • For Type 2A sockets: 0, 56 euros per kWh
  • For Type 3A sockets: 0.56 euros per kWh

For Fast columns:

  • For sockets Type 2A: € 0.56 per kWh
  • For CCS/CHAdeMO type sockets: 0.66 euro per kWh

For Ultra columns:

  • For CCS/CHAdeMO type sockets: 0.79 euro per kWh

In addition to the classic consumption rate, A2A also offers the & quot; E-moving consumption Plus & quot; solution; . Against a fee of 2 euros, & egrave; It is possible to make 2 daily reservations of the sockets available at the Public Charging Stations.

The service can & ograve; be used for charging a single vehicle and & egrave; accessible to a maximum of 4 users associated with a single account and allows only one top-up at a time.

Now let's move on to the subscription formulas. A2A offers the E-Moving Small, E-Moving Medium and E-Moving Large profiles. The scheme & egrave; the following:

  • E-Moving Small: 30 kWh for 16 euros per month
  • E-Moving Medium: 80 kWh for 29 euros per month
  • E-Moving Large: 180 kWh at 60 euros per month


As regards the ACEA recharge service, there are only pay per use rates based on the power of the column.

  • Quick columns: 0.58 euros per kWh
  • Fast columns: 0.68 euros per kWh

The cost for booking the column is; of € 0.50. No subscriptions as we said earlier. As an extra, ACEA offers only 16 euros the card (Acea e-mobility card) to be used as an alternative to the application.


Be Charge offers not only the classic pay-as-you-go rates and packages/strong>. A complete offer to satisfy the different needs of electrical users. So, let's start with the consumption rates that vary according to the power delivered by the column.

  • Quick up to 22 kW: 0.45 euros per kWh
  • Fast up to 99 kW: 0.50 euro per kWh
  • Fast + up to 149 kW: 0.65 euro per kWh
  • Ultrafast starting from 150 kW: 0.79 euro per kWh

Let's now move on to subscriptions that allow you to have a certain amount of kWh per month at a discounted price .

  • Be Light 50: 50 kWh at 20 euros per month
  • Be Regular 100: 100 kWh at 38 euros per month
  • Be Large 250: 250 kWh at 90 euros per month
  • Be Electric 500: 500 kWh at 175 euros per month

Finally, Be Charge offers prepaid packages that must be used within 6 months of purchase.

  • Be Card 50: 53 euros of prepaid credit at the price of 50 euros
  • Be Card 100: 110 euros of prepaid credit at 100 euros
  • Be Card 150: 170 euro prepaid credit at 150 euro

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Duferco Energia offers both pay per use rates and subscriptions and prepaid offers. Let's start, therefore, with the consumption rates which are two.

  • 0.65 euros per kWh on Quick and Fast columns up to 50 kW of power
  • 0.79 euros per kWh on Ultra Fast columns over 50 kW of power

The company offers only one subscription that includes a certain amount of kWh per month at a discounted price.

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  • Flat rate: 200 kWh at 129 euros
  • We then have prepaid offers that are only valid for three months from the time of purchase. They can be used for charging on Quick and Fast infrastructures (up to 50 kW of power).

    • 100 kWh for 65 euros
    • 150 kWh for 95 euros
    • 400 kWh for 249 euros


    The Enel X Way offer is; very structured like that of Be Charge with pay per use solutions and various subscriptions. Let's start with the consumption rates which vary according to the power supplied by the column and which have recently been modified due to the increasing costs of electricity.

    • Pay Per Use AC: 0, 58 euros per kWh
    • Pay Per Use DC up to 150 kW: 0.89 euros per kWh
    • Pay Per Use HPC over 150 kW: 0.99 euros per kWh

    Enel X Way also provides the costs for top-ups made in Europe through its app/card.

    • Pay Per Use AC: 0.70 euros per kWh
    • Pay Per Use DC up to 150 kW: € 0.95 per kWh
    • Pay Per Use HPC over 150 kW: € 0.99 per kWh

    Then we have some subscriptions that allow you to purchase a certain amount of kWh per month at a discounted price.

    • Flat Small: 70 kWh at 25 euros per month
    • Flat Large: 145 kWh at 45 euros per month

    Finally, we have the special OpenCharge plans that allow unlimited recharges at home and up to 2 full of energy at the public columns. Each floor is calibrated according to the size of the battery of your electric car.

    • OpenCharge 20: (batteries up to 20 kWh) – 50 euros per month
    • OpenCharge 50: (batteries from 21 to 50 kWh) – 80 euros per month
    • OpenCharge 75: (batteries from 51 to 75 kWh) – 120 euros per month

    IONITY < img src = "/wp-content/uploads/e8390f7e68373b860c6265dae600b376.gif" />

    IONITY only offers a pay-as-you-go rate and a subscription. The pay per use rate IONITY DIRECT has a cost of 0.79 euros per kWh. There is then the IONITY PASSPORT subscription which, for a cost of 17.99 euros per month, allows you to recharge at 0.35 euros per kWh.

    note that the IONITY partners (such as BMW, Mercedes and other manufacturers) can offer their customers specific subscriptions that allow discounted costs to recharge at these high-power stations.


    Tesla, for the moment, only allows access to its Supercharger stations in Italy to the owners of one of its electric cars. Prices may vary slightly from station to station. Recently, due to the increase in the cost of electricity, prices have been raised and, now, in Italy it is; you can also pay 0.66 euros per kWh.

    Previously, costs were around € 0.50 per kWh. A year ago, however, they stood between 0.31/0.4 euros per kWh.

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