AMD Ryzen 7000 for workstations: Gigabyte combines professional mainboards with desktop CPUs


Gigabyte combines workstation boards primarily aimed at professionals with the B650E chipset originally intended for consumers and AMD Ryzen 7000 (test) and on this basis offers both a new entry workstation and an entry-level solution in the enterprise segment, as well as two workstation mainboards for desktop CPUs.

Two workstation mainboards for AMD Ryzen 7000

With the MC13-LE0 (rev. 1.0) and MC13-LE1 (rev. 1.0), Gigabyte is introducing two new workstation mainboards based on one of the two “extreme” chipsets of the current generation, the B650E, PCIe 5.0 for both the graphics card and the also offers an SSD and thus up to 20 PCIe 5.0 lanes. The two models only differ in terms of their built-in network components.

Gigabyte MC13-LE0 (Image: Gigabyte)
Gigabyte MC13-LE1 (Image: Gigabyte)

While the MC13- LE0 has 2× 1 Gb/s in terms of its LAN connectivity, which are implemented via two Intel Ethernet controllers i210, the MC13-LE1 can fall back on an Intel X710-AT2, which provides 2× 10 Gb/s.

The other specifications of the workstation motherboards are absolutely identical.

Gigabyte MC13-LE0 and MC13-LE1

  • AM5 platform (Socket LGA 1718)
  • microATX format with 244 × 244 mm
  • AMD B650E chipset (“Promontory 21”)
  • Support for AMD Ryzen 7000 ( “Raphael”)
  • Support for up to 128 gigabytes of DDR5-5200 ECC

As the block diagrams of the two mainboards show, the two Intel i210 are each connected to the B650E via PCIe 1.0 x1, while the Intel X710 is connected to the socket or the CPU with PCIe 4.0 x4.

Gigabyte MC13- LE1 (Image: Gigabyte)
Gigabyte MC13-LE0 (Image: Gigabyte )

Both mainboards also have the integrated management solution AST2600 from Integrated in Aspeed, which, in addition to the iGPU with 2 compute units integrated in the Zen 4 RDNA 2 CPU, also has its own 2D graphics unit and additional COM, VGA and MLAN connectors.

Gigabyte MC13-LE0 (Image: Gigabyte)
Gigabyte MC13-LE1 (Picture: Gigabyte)

When and at what prices the two workstation The manufacturer has not yet announced that mainboards for consumer CPUs will be launched on the market and whether they will also be available in retail stores.

B650E workstation for AMD Ryzen 7000

In addition to the two workstation mainboards, Gigabyte has the W332-Z00 also presented an entry workstation for AMD Ryzen 7000 (“Raphael”), which under normal circumstances should house a maximum of one AMD Ryzen 7700X, which is limited to a TDP of 105 watts.

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Gigabyte W332-Z00 (Image: Gigabyte)

Under certain circumstances, For example, the use of AiO water cooling, but the 170 watts of a Ryzen 9 7900X or 7950X should not be a problem either, according to the manufacturer Entry-level solution for smaller offices

The other specifications of the entry-level workstation read as follows.

Gigabyte W332-Z00

  • Support for AMD Ryzen 7000 (” Raphael”)
  • Support for up to 128 gigabytes of DDR5-5200 ECC
  • AMD B650E chipset (“Promontory 21”)
  • 1× Realtek RTL8125 with 2 .5 Gb/s
  • 1× Realtek RTL8111EP with 1 Gb/s
  • 500 Watt PSU 80Plus Bronze

The workstation has to do without the integrated management solution of the two mainboards also presented and relies on a cheaper solution in the form of Realtek DASH, which is implemented via the RTL8111EP controller with 1 Gb/s.

Gigabyte W332-Z00 (Image: Gigabyte)

As an application for the Workstation W332-Z00, Gigabyte sees the areas of Visual Computing, Edge, Hybrid Cloud Server and Private Cloud Server.

The manufacturer has also done so far on the prices and availability of the new workstation no information. The official specifications provide further details on the new products:

  • Gigabyte W332-Z00 – Specifications
  • Gigabyte MC13-LE0 – Specifications< /li>
  • Gigabyte MC13-LE1 Specifications

The 512 × 324 × 503 mm (H × W × D) workstation will vary depending on Delivered with a pre-installed Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Gigabyte's workstation portfolio (Image: Gigabyte)