Aiways U6, for the new SUV Coup? electric last tests before the debut in Europe


The debut of the Aiways U6 in Europe is; expected by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the SUV Coup & eacute; electric & egrave; subjected to the latest tests on the roads of the Old Continent. To keep the attention high on this new electric model, the Chinese brand has told something more; on testing the European version of the U6 and shared new shots of the car .

The photos, in particular, show the SUV Coup & eacute; almost completely devoid of camouflage and this finally allows you to better observe its design. The new Aiways U6, as you can & ograve; note, it takes up the lines of the U6ion concept car unveiled in March 2022. The U6 can & ograve; be considered as the sporty version of the SUV U5 already; for sale in Europe. The powertrain, at least in China, features a single 160 kW electric motor powered by a 63 kWh, 72 kWh or 88 kWh battery. It will be interesting to find out which version will be; offered in Europe.


In addition to road tests, the prototypes are also subjected to a demanding standardization and certification program to allow the introduction of the model in Europe by the end of the year. Among the many aspects of the SUV Coup & eacute; electric that have been tested on European roads, the new braking system that will allow & agrave; a detected stopping distance of 34.4 meters at 100 km/h.

And speaking of the development phase of this model, the Chinese brand said it had made use of reality; virtual . For the SUV Coup & eacute; Aiways U6 several digital prototypes were made years before the first vehicle was built. These digital models provide an exact representation of the system characteristics and positioning of the units & agrave; in the future vehicle. For the specialized areas such as aerodynamics, performance and battery management, chassis and user experience, we work on different models: the data are constantly compared in order to detect critical issues; in the most as fast as possible.

The new Aiways U6 is therefore almost ready for its debut in the Old Continent. All that remains is to wait for the official presentation to discover all its exact technical characteristics and its price.


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