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Volkswagen T-Roc, the pi? sold in Europe in August. The Tesla Model Y among the electric


After a long negative period, the month of August 2022 for the European auto market is; was finally positive. According to data from JATO Dynamics, the volume in terms of registrations & egrave; increased by 3.5% (739.07 unit & agrave;) compared to August 2021. However, a month with the plus sign is certainly not enough; to recover the losses of the previous 7 months. Therefore, in the first 8 months of 2022, there were 7,143.46 registrations, equal to a decrease of 12% over 2021.

Of the 27 European markets, only 6 experienced a decline in August. Well the 5 pi & ugrave; large European auto markets (Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK) all growing in August.


SUVs very well , which is not surprising given how the market is moving. In August, this vehicle category represented almost 48% of the total number of new registrations . In particular, the C-SUV and B-SUV have secured, respectively, a market share of 18.9% and 18.3%.

The Volkswagen Group leads the ranking of SUVs with 28% of this segment. The German group recorded an increase in volumes of 16%, thanks above all to the Volkswagen T-Roc which in this month & egrave; was by far the most car sold in Europe. Tiguan, ID.4 and Taigo are also very good. Behind the Volkswagen Group we find Stellantis which, however, recorded a loss, in terms of volume, of 9%. Registrations of Peugeot 3008 (-39%), Opel Grandland (-29%), Citroen C5 Aircross (-16%) and Jeep Renegade and Compass (-42% and -53% respectively) are down. Despite this, the good performance of Peugeot 2008 (+ 27%), Opel Mokka (+ 25%) and Opel Crossland (+ 21%) allowed Stellantis to gain second place in the SUV market at the European level.

The Stellantis Group, on the other hand, & egrave; first in segment B with a share of 32% thanks to the continued success of the Peugeot 208, the second largest vehicle; sold in Europe in August.


Data from Jato Dynamics highlights that in August, while registrations of gasoline vehicles increased by 6% to 422,659 units & agrave ;, the volume of registrations of electrified models (BEV and PHEV) & egrave; increased by only 3.2% to 157,075 units. In particular, the volume of pure electric vehicles (BEVs) is; increased by 11%, representing 61% of the total demand for electrified vehicles.

But the most important thing; interesting & egrave; than the 20% of all 100% electric models & egrave; produced in China (28% in Germany). In August, registrations of BEVs made in China increased by 78% compared to August 2021, while those produced in Europe only increased by 17%. Felipe Munoz , Global Analyst at JATO Dynamics, commented:

The rapid growth of Chinese-made electric vehicles in Europe is; a first indicator of how, sooner or later, they will play a key role in the global market.

In particular, Jato Dynamics points out that most of the cars built in China are not of Chinese brands. Almost half & agrave; of those produced in China, for example, were made by Tesla. As of August, only 18% of electric vehicles manufactured in China and registered in Europe are; been sold under a Chinese brand.


And speaking precisely of the electric Tesla Model Y & egrave; was the most successful model; sold with 6,935 units. Next, the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Skoda Enyaq iV. Good fourth place for the electric 500. In the Top 10 we also find the Tesla Model 3 in seventh place.

Looking at Plug-in, the podium & egrave; composed of the Ford Kuga, the Hyundai Tucson and the Kia Sportage. Absolutely, as we already have; seen above, the model pi & ugrave; sold & egrave; was the Volkswagen T-Roc with 15,953 registrations. Followed by the Peugeot 208 and Dacia Sandero.

[Data source: Jato Dynamics]

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