Volkswagen, a new project to experience the advantages of the vehicle to grid


About the vehicle to grid we have spoken several times. The idea behind this technology is very simple. Electric cars, once connected to the electricity grid, will not only be able to take energy to recharge the battery, but also return energy to the grid . In case of non-use, the cars, with the energy contained inside the batteries, can contribute to stability; of the electricity grid , introducing energy at times of greatest demand.

Several car manufacturers are experimenting with the potentials. bidirectional charging . Recently, for example, we talked about the Honda project in Switzerland. Now, & egrave; the turn of Volkswagen that, through its subsidiary Elli which deals with recharging services and products, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Elia Group, to carry out a project through which the benefits are to be verified and possible obstacles in people's use of this technology.


At a time when the theme of energy is much debated, the vehicle to grid can & ograve; represent an interesting way to improve stability & agrave; of the electrical network. With the rise of electric cars on the roads , in the coming years people will be able to contribute directly with their vehicles to stability; of the network. Obviously, to exploit the advantages of the vehicle to grid & egrave; necessary, first, an adequate experimentation in conditions of real use.

During the project various aspects of the use of this technology will be evaluated, including the economic aspect that could push people to use this system. Remember that people would be remunerated economically for the energy fed into the grid by their cars.

It will be interesting to discover the results of this project, like the others, to understand if it really will come in the future; to have bidirectional charging. Elke Temme , CEO of Elli, said:

An essential key to achieving neutrality; climate lies in the connection between the energy and mobility sectors. Using the electric vehicle battery as a mobile power bank offers a threefold benefit: First, the benefits for the climate as renewable energy can provide it. be stored and therefore used more & ugrave; efficient; secondly, the advantages of the electricity grid, since & eacute; the car can contribute to stability of the network and, thirdly, the customer can & ograve; earn additional income. To explore the benefits of this consumer-centric approach, this collaboration with Elia Group & egrave; fundamental for us.

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